Mr. Jason Lee

Southwest Forestry University (SWFU)

Jason Lee, Male, has got his Master degree majoring in Ecology and now is the Ph.D candidate majoring in silviculture. He is a lecturer at Southwest Forestry University in Yunnan province of China. His research areas cover biodiversity protection, tea plant ecosystem, forestry ecological economy and the Chinese ethnic minorities’ culture.
In the past, he has made some research on the introduced plant Noni originating from US to Yunnan from the perspectives of ecology and processing mechanism. He also focused on the issues bout tea, tea plants, tea plant ecosystem and Yunnan ethnic tea culture from various angles. He is the co-author of ‘English for Forestry Science’ and the co-translator of series popular science books ‘Nature Anatomy’. Besides, he has published refereed articles in diverse fields of ecology, tea plant and forestry and forestry ecological economy.

His current work includes the data collection of Yunnan ancient tea plant and the protection standard of ancient tea plant. He is also interested in rural tourism and regional development in Southeast Asian Countries including China, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, seeking for appropriate strategy to sustain development and achieve harmonious relation between rural communities and environment.