Jo Middleton

Mr. Jo Middleton

Research Fellow, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, and University of Sussex, Falmer, UK

Jo is a Research Fellow in Primary Care and Public Health and Global Health and Infection at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, and also in the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme at University of Sussex. Much of their research and teaching involves interrelated work at two very different scales, that of microscopic parasites (specifically acarines) and that of Planetary Health, an emerging field which aims to safeguard both human health and the natural systems that underpin it. They have a long term commitment to biodiversity conservation, with a particular focus on forest preservation and indigenous health in Oceania. Jo will be talking about their work in the SURFACES project, which has integrated action on good health and wellbeing [Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3] and conservation of life on land (SDG 15) in the threatened rainforests of Papua New Guinea (PNG), and mapped evidence of similar projects worldwide.