Obijiofor Aginam

Mr. Obijiofor Aginam

Principal Visiting Fellow & Past Deputy-Director, United Nations University-International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH)

Dr. Obijiofor Aginam, a national of Nigeria and of Canada, joined UNU-IIGH in September 2013 as a Senior Research Fellow. He is concurrently an Adjunct Research Professor of Law at Carleton University, Ottawa, and Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo. His expertise cuts across global health governance, globalization of public health, impacts of global/regional trade agreements on health, health and human rights, public-private partnerships, food safety, South-South cooperation, and the regulatory/normative authorities of inter-governmental organizations. Prior to joining the UNU-IIGH, Dr. Aginam served as Senior Academic Officer and Head of International Cooperation and Development section in the United Nations University-Institute for Sustainability and Peace, UNU headquarters, Tokyo. Dr. Aginam has held a tenured academic appointment in the Faculty of Public Affairs and Management, Carleton University, and Global Health Leadership Officer at the WHO headquarters in Geneva..