Ms. Sally Torres

Universidad Ricardo Palma

Latin-American, woman, and young architect with a master’s degree in urban planning and policy design from Politecnico di Milano University. Passionate to work on enhancing disaster resilience and climate change adaptation, whose master thesis won the ISOCARP Student Award 2019. With a background in Disaster Risk Management, my focus is primarily on bridging the gap between science, policy, and practice. In particular, I am passionate about finding new ways of creating resilience within society and the environment.

Currently, I am involved in academia as a Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Universidad Ricardo Palma. My contribution to research is related to sustainable urban development and urban ecosystems to leveraging the power of nature for climate-resilient development at the Latin-American region presented at the ISOCARP World Congress 2020 and the Grand Projects Congress 2021. With a UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration advocation, I am a knowledge promoter to raise environmental awareness through the non-profit organization Pathways to Nature as a Co-founder. A multidisciplinary platform for building knowledge about social and environmental challenges towards climate change.