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      Dear visitor,

      Welcome to the Q&A block for the Session 1 – Breakout Group 1 of the The Fifth Science-Policy Forum for Biodiversity and The Eighth International Conference on Sustainability Science, scheduled on 13 April 2021.

      Please note that, since all the questions cannot be handled in the time provided, this section is made for all the presenters, panelists and attendees to continue the exchange through the forum which will remain open for three days after the end of this session, i.e; till 16 April 2021.

      Thank you for your patience.

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      Li GU questioned
      Maybe the color yellow for nature for society, and the color green for nature for nature is better?

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        Thanks Li Gu, we deliberately wanted to move away from associating specific colours with the corners to not fall into stereotypical tropes that green means ‘better’ or nature based. So we deliberately didn’t go with the conventional colour allocations 🙂

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      Fikremariam Ghion Melaku questioned
      I would like to get some explanation or reflection on how post 2020 GBF effectively implemented or enforced?

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      Couvet questioned
      What is the evidence of forest degradation (associated to depopulation) ?

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        Thank you for your question. In Japan, the number of forestry workers has been decreasing so far, and the area under forest management is decreasing. Most of the forests in Japan are suitable age for logging, but cannot be logged. It is also difficult to conduct the proper thinning. In addition to the declining population, there is concern that management will continue to decline because of the expected decline in the birthrate and aging population.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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