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      Dear visitor,

      Welcome to the Q&A block for the Session 3 – Breakout Group 2 of the The Fifth Science-Policy Forum for Biodiversity and The Eighth International Conference on Sustainability Science, scheduled on 19 April 2021.

      Please note that, since all the questions cannot be handled in the time provided, this section is made for all the presenters, panelists and attendees to continue the exchange through the forum which will remain open for three days after the end of this session, i.e; till 22 April 2021, to give an opportunity for the online discussions to continue.

      As a starting point, the questions, responses and comments have been documented under the Science4biodiversity account. You may continue discussions with the account provided to you.

      Thank you for your patience.

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      Ruth Spencer commented
      Thanks Mr Gasparatos and Good morning-Ruth Spencer from Antigua and Barbuda-a small Caribbean SIDS , We have the high and hot temperatures perfect for the transition but it is not a just transition since regulatory processes are not transparent and approval conditions for RE systems getting more and more difficult . In additon each year we are faced with hurricanes and storms which are increasing in frequencies and intensities so RE systems must be designed as flexible systems that can be put up and down in a short time interval.

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        Alexandros Gasparatos responded
        Thanks for the comment Ms Spencer. I completely agree with your point. This reflects very well the point I tried to made about the need for context-specific understanding of the possible impacts and solutions.

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      Smily SMILY questioned
      Any standards to check sustainable forest management?

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