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    Dennis W Liu questioned
    Is there general global awareness of the target of Half-Earth for biodiversity?

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    Ahmed Tiamiyu questioned
    How can we help youths in local communities play a role?

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    Asghar Khan questioned
    Is there any universal model for ecosystem restoration Which could be followed in all countries of the globe?as we need more food to grow, we need shelter, we need play grounds. how can it be possible to restore ecosystems.

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    Kamal Kumar Rai questioned
    How and mechanism for possible to colaborate with tradational or indigenous and local knowledge, social science of indigenous peoples and local communities and science and technologies for restoration? IPLC representative Kamal from Nepal

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    Sander Bauer questioned
    To Catarina Jakovac
    The program seems to rely strongly on biological and technological\environmental aspects. I fear that social tensions are becoming an increasingly sharp risk in ecological restoration. Agriculture is noticeably pitted against conservation (e.g. January 2021 assassination on Gonzalo Cardona (ProAves))
    What indicators are currently used in identifying potentially relevant land-resource conflicts in the early phases? These may assist in programmes such as project ACORN (Rabobank).

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    James Kashoborozi questioned
    Thanks for organizing the discussion.


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    Doreen Robinson responded
    Agree- whole of society response needed. but we need to mobilize the energy, passion and innovation of youth more to develop the solutions

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    Weronika Wilczy commented
    In my opinion it’s not the youth that needs to be convinced to fight climate change and environmental issues, but the generation before. Of course, education and worldwide spread of understandably written/teached knowledge are essential to start discussion at every level.

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    Helene Soubelet questioned
    Money is often the cornerstone of action. So what would be the main action to be implemented in order to reach a (real) green global finance? International agreement not to finance perverse activities (for example large deforestation of primary forests, or highly polluting activities?)? Implemente a global tax on any financial transfers (to fund research and biodiversity conservation)? Prohibit some financial activities?

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    Doreen Robinson responded
    the One Health alliance between WHO, OIE and FAO, and hopefully soon UNEP is meant to look at this cross sectoral mobilization. The global community is talking about pandemic preparedness -but it has to include perspectives from all countries. More space for less developed countries and support for them to engage is needed. Also science is a tool to review our response and learn from evidence based lessons

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    Anonymous Attendee questioned
    For Doreen:
    Thank you for your valuable perspective. You mentioned “power of the purse”…do you have any ideas for how to motivate public health agencies in countries to support more capacity for ensuring zoonotic diseases aren’t spread through wildlife trade (implementing CITES)? Thank you!

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    Anonymous Attendee questioned

    There is a motion to add ‘ecocide’ to the Rome Statute’s Article 8, putting it side-by-side with war crimes and making it more difficult for individual governments to avoid accountability.

    Would this help solidify accountability measures?

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    Weronika Wilczy questioned
    What do we think about our current processes linked to withstanding future pandemic outbreaks? As far as I’m aware we are rather unsatisfied with how we have dealt with it. Is it even possible to target possible zoonotic vectors and work on it on a worldwide level?

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    Lily Rodriguez questioned
    Yes, of course, it should be included — the soil and the restoration of lands, thanks.

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    Guadalupe Yesenia Hernandez Marquez questioned
    Why you don´t propose Soil Degradation Convention UNDCC? I thing is very important too. Thanks

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