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    Thank you for your question. In Japan, the number of forestry workers has been decreasing so far, and the area under forest management is decreasing. Most of the forests in Japan are suitable age for logging, but cannot be logged. It is also difficult to conduct the proper thinning. In addition to the declining population, there is concern that management will continue to decline because of the expected decline in the birthrate and aging population.

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    Thanks Li Gu, we deliberately wanted to move away from associating specific colours with the corners to not fall into stereotypical tropes that green means ‘better’ or nature based. So we deliberately didn’t go with the conventional colour allocations 🙂

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    Li Li questioned
    I found the new IPBES triangle framework very inspiring, especially on the dimension of nature as culture. I wonder how this dimension of nature can be captured by scenario analysis as the level of harmony between nature and people is intangible and not easy to assess. And how this kind of information could contribute to the implementation of the post-2020 GBF?

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    Couvet questioned
    What is the evidence of forest degradation (associated to depopulation) ?

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    Fikremariam Ghion Melaku questioned
    I would like to get some explanation or reflection on how post 2020 GBF effectively implemented or enforced?

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    Li GU questioned
    Maybe the color yellow for nature for society, and the color green for nature for nature is better?

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    Lawrence Sperling questioned
    For Francis – can you elaborate on the “science-policy interface”? As you move from broad goals to milestones and targets, the technical nature of the framework may quickly become overwhelming for non-technical policy-makers, whose buy-in is critical to marshalling the resources and maintaing the momentum needed to achieve the goals. How do you make sure that the wonderful technical work being done to elaborate and implement the 2050 GBF is understood and taken up by policy makers to garner the political will and resources needed to realize the theory of change?

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    WANG Ying questioned
    Any possibility to set/formulate targets/indicators to reflect the synergy of CBD and UNFCCC?

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    Kolan Bharath Reddy
    Why dont cbd has a review mechanism where if parties are implementing the targets ? and give ranking to the parties based on their achievements…like how world bank ranks countries based on economic achievement

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    Michael Cedric B. Bartolome questioned
    about the target 11 on biodiversity in green/blue spaces specially in urban areas, can it be incorporated in the range ing matrix for green building certifications?

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    Valasia Iakovoglou quuestioned
    What are the actions for outreach? Thank you

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    Anna Hewson questioned
    Will there be any actions on population size as well – incentives for less children, co2 budget per household? Tricky.

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    Eileen Bogweh Nchanji questioned
    How are we make sure we are leaving no one behind?

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    Anna Hewson questioned
    Francis – Was the commitment 5 or 20% for a updated zero draft (a) for area connectivity and integrity of natural ecosystems? The bold text seemed different to the italics apologies I missed why this was

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    Anthony Stephen DiMeglio questioned
    Regarding improvements to science communication and mainstreaming nature, what are we doing to address the decline in use and generation of animal and animal behaviour images to communicating science? I reference this paper to introduce the topic: DOI: 10.1016/j.anbehav.2015.02.004

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